Force Value

Credit to Decivre on the official forums.

With only a SOM score available to represent something like ‘strength’, situations arise where a Dragonfly morph can move/life as much as a Worker Pod morph. Likewise a punch from a Fury should hurt more than a punch from a Flat, even with the same SOM score, due to the Fury’s greater muscle mass. As Decivre pointed out, DUR was originally going to be used for DB before it was switched to SOM. If we accept that DUR represents ‘mass’ to some extent then we can replace DB to produce ‘Force Value’ and have an abstract strength score.

Force Value (FV) = [(DUR + SOM) รท 20] -(# of unignored Wounds)

  • All swarms (unless they are TITAN-tech, of course) have a Force Value of 0.
  • Multiple characters helping in a feat of strength add +1 FV to the highest score.

Force Value

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